Combat Rosary--Basic Training Pack Gun Metal

  • $69.97

The new Basic Training Pack provides the essentials for beginning Spiritual Warfare. Armed with our Combat Rosary™ and both the Combat Prayer Book and 54 Day Basic Training in Holiness Manual, recruits will be prepared for the battle against evil.

What's inside:

  • COMBAT ROSARY This is the “authentic” Combat Rosary™ originally designed by Father Richard Heilman, who was inspired to design this Combat Rosary™ based on the 1916 WWI US Government military issue pull chain service rosary. It is among the strongest rosaries ever made. The Combat Rosary™ comes packed in a genuine leather pocket-sized pouch and includes a Concealed Carry Card and the essential blessings.
  • COMBAT PRAYER BOOK The Combat Prayer Book is inspired by the original World War II pocket prayer book, My Military Missal. Even down to the size and appearance of the original World War II prayer book. The Combat Prayer Book contains just about every prayer essential for keeping and maintaining a strong Catholic prayer life.
  • BASIC TRAINING IN HOLINESS BOOK The 54 Day Basic Training in Holiness is inspired by the original World War II pocket prayer book, My Military Missal. The daily reflections in this handbook are this basic training. Drawing from the truths found in the Holy Scriptures, the saints, and the Catechism of the Catholic Church, the first 27 days focus upon the qualities of excellence toward which we are all called to strive. The second 27 days contain excerpts from the Church Militant Field Manual: Special Forces Training for the Life in Christ.

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