Hand-Held Prayer Cross with Card - Healing

Hand-Held Prayer Cross with Card - Healing

  • $5.00

This hand-held prayer cross is a great reminder of Jesus' unending love. It provides comfort during prayer and fit easily inside a pocket or purse. The cross features etched words, "Lord Jesus, Heal Me" on the front.

Each cross includes a card, featuring a beautiful and inspiring arwork and a prayer.

Front reads:
Lord Jesus, Heal Me

Prayer on back:
Prayer for Healing
O Heavenly Father, God of Love, You gave us Your Son Jesus to be not only Physician of our souls but also Healer of our bodies and minds. Lord Jesus, I turn to You in this time of illness. Please come to me now, and lay Your healing hands on me. Let the warmth, peace and healing power of Your Spirit fill me now with Your life and love. I receive You, Lord Jesus! Heal me according to Your Divine Will, Lord Jesus, and enable me to serve You with a healthy body, soul, and spirit. May Your Joy, O Lord, be my strength this day. Amen.

Material: Wood
Size: 4" H, 3 x 6" H Card

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